"I find it difficult learning and remembering new vocabulary."

"I am shy when trying to use new vocabulary in front of people and I can't express myself very well."

"I really want to become an advanced speaker of English and use more colourful language."

"I want to improve my fluency and be a more confident communicator without forgetting vocabulary."

"I know a lot of words, but I am not confident at using them correctly in a sentence."

"I am confused by words with more than one meaning and how to use them in different situations."



The Vocabulary Academy

In this self-study, intensive video course, you will learn how to become an advanced speaker of English and you will have the opportunity to study about phrasal verbs, Idioms, and collocations with plenty of examples so you know how to use them in context.

You will also learn effective methods to expand your vocabulary which will help you to speak better English so that you can express yourself more fluently and naturally.

In addition you will have access to my private Facebook Group where I will go live to answer any of your questions about vocabulary.

Be part of my private WhatsApp group too, where you can practice vocabulary together and get corrections along with detailed feedback.

If you want to make a big difference in your vocabulary then this course is for you!


Here's what you can expect from The Vocabulary Academy course...


You will receive valuable support with your vocabulary and finally put yourself on a clear road to speaking more confidently and fluently, and having conversations with others as if you've been speaking English all your life.

Vocabulary Academy aims to be the best British online English vocabulary course.

My mission with Vocabulary Academy is to make you feel fully supported and guided, but also independent and in full control of your own learning.

You choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it, with the reassurance that I am there to point you in the right direction.

You will have full access to over 60 detailed video lessons, as well as a private WhatsApp and Facebook group with a friendly and supportive community of English learners from around the world. 



Just Imagine

where you will be in 2 months time

Your life BEFORE The Vocabulary Academy:

1) Limited vocabulary – you are unable to express yourself clearly because you don’t know which words you should use

2) Feeling shy- you don’t know how to use advanced words in conversation

3) Not speaking with confidence – you are uneasy about speaking because you always use the wrong words to express your real meaning with people

4) Unable to understand people – you don’t understand native speakers well and you have to ask them to repeat...

Your life AFTER The Vocabulary Academy:

1) Speaking with confidence – you will be confidently using a lot of advanced words in your conversations

2) Understanding native speakers perfectly - you won’t be asking them to repeat and you will be able to follow their meaning

3) Feeling better about yourself – you will feel better about having the ability to express yourself naturally and fluently without feeling embarrassed when you make a mistake.

4) Able to express your real meaning with the right advanced words – you won’t be wondering what to say when speaking and replying to people

5) Sound more advanced – you will no longer use the “simple” words you are used to using… you will be able to describe and explain situations using advanced vocabulary with confidence!

6) Never forget vocabulary easily again – you will be able to remember words effectively without being reminded.

Fix your old vocabulary mistakes and stop new bad habits from forming in the future.
Receive the personal attention and feedback you need inside the private WhatsApp group.
Get a clear sense of direction about what you need to focus on and what you need to do to improve.
Make improving your vocabulary pain-free, stress-free, and less overwhelming.
Stay motivated by meeting other likeminded learners who are motivated to improve their vocabulary.
Get your questions answered within a private Facebook group, including live sessions by James to teach you vocabulary.

Hello, I'm James

I was born and brought up in England and have a 100% authentic British English accent. I am fully-qualified and have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2010.

I have taught at a wide range of levels from young children to university students on master's or PhD programmes.

I also help people correct their English in CVs (resumes) or university assignments. I have taught in the UK, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and China.



How it will feel when you

  • Can speak confidently using advanced vocabulary to people
  • Can express yourself clearly and fluently about situations without wondering what to say
  • Can understand native speakers without having to ask them to repeat
  • Can finally sound natural and explain yourself properly without making any mistakes.
  • Use more colourful language in daily conversations with people
  • Don’t have to think about which words to use when replying to people






  • IMMIDIETE Access to over 60 Vocabulary Academy detailed video lessons.
  • 4.5 hours training in total.
  • Private WhatsApp practice group (6 weeks access).
  • Private Facebook group (6 weeks access).
  • Vocabulary ebooks & resources.



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