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Improve your English to an advanced level by studying on one of James’s intensive video based courses.

You will greatly expand your vocabulary to an advanced level through everyday topics.

The below courses are video based which means you can study them in your own pace and ask for any help when needed.

Vocabulary Academy Course 


In this self-study, intensive video course, you will learn how to become an advanced speaker of English and you will have the opportunity to study about phrasal verbs, Idioms, and collocations with plenty of examples so you know how to use them in context.

You will also learn effective methods to expand your vocabulary which will help you to speak better English so that you can express yourself more fluently and naturally.

There are 75 video vocabulary detailed lessons to learn from.

Improve your vocabulary to an advanced level today! 

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Vocabulary Academy Free Trial


As this is only a free trial of the full course, you get the chance to see if this is suitable for your needs by getting access to only a few of the video lessons.

What you'll get:

  • Lessons: 6-10 only
  • 17 minutes in total
  • Support group on Telegram



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