Try a free trial class today..

Why not have a free 15-minute trial class online with James, to see if you like the way he teaches and most importantly if you think you learn well.

This will be a free talk session where you will talk about yourself in general or about a chosen topic. It will be a chance to get to know James and experience his approach.

Important note: please don’t book a trial lesson if you just want  “a free lesson”.  This is only a trial lesson to see if you find my approach suitable. If you like the first 15 minutes and want to continue then you will need to pay for future lessons.

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In the free trial lesson you will:

  • Practise your speaking skills through topics.
  • Learn a lot of useful vocabulary and idiomatic language to express yourself better.
  • Practise and improve your pronunciation.
  • Be corrected and understand your mistakes.

I use Skype or Zoom for my online classes.

  • I will give students a copy of the file after classes so they can review the content.

  • Each class lasts one hour.


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