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The Vocabulary Academy:

In this course you will dramatically improve your vocabulary by understanding how to use phrasal verbs, Idioms, and collocations with plenty of examples whilst learning how to express yourself more fluently and naturally.

  • Over 60 + detailed video lessons to help you dramatically improve your vocabulary to an advanced level
  • Interactive Curriculum
  • Detailed video lessons
  • Over 4 hours training

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Lesson 1

Why is learning vocabulary important

Lesson 2

How to learn vocabulary effectively

Lesson 3

How to remember vocabulary effectively

Lesson 4

Apps for learning English

Module #5

Airport Operations

Module #6

Crew Resource Management

Module #7

FAA Practice Exams

Module #8

Certificate of Completion

Lesson 5

Confusing words

Lesson 6

What are Idioms and why do we use them?

Lesson 7

How to learn Idioms effectively

Lesson 8

What are phrasal verbs?

Lesson 9

How to remember phrasal verbs effectively

Lesson 10

What are collocations?

Lesson 11

How to remember collocations effectively

Lesson 12

Why do we learn collocations?

Lesson 13

Topic: Holidays

Lesson 14

Topic: Free time

Lesson 15

Topic: Feelings

Lesson 16

Topic: Weather

Lesson 17

Topic: People and character

Lesson 18

Topic: Food

Lesson 19

Topic: Relationships

Lesson 20

Topic: Money

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Dramatically Improve Your Vocabulary Today!

In this course, you will learn how to use phrasal verbs, Idioms, and collocations with plenty of examples and you will learn effective methods to expand your vocabulary and will improve dramatically to an advanced level.

Join my private Facebook Group where I go live to answer any of your questions. Join a WhatsApp group where we practice vocabulary together and be corrected with detailed feedback. 

Meet James...

I was born and brought up in England and have a 100% authentic British English accent. I am fully-qualified and have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2010.

I have taught at a wide range of levels from young children to university students on master's or PhD programmes.

I also help people correct their English in CVs (resumes) or university assignments. I have taught in the UK, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

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