Correct your English Writing..

We can help you to write essays, assignments or job applications in clear, correct English.

We go through the writing very carefully, make corrections and show you your errors afterwards, so you can learn from them.

Naturally for assignments you are responsible for the content of your work, including  checking what format is required, good referencing (avoiding plagiarism),  making sure your statements are well-evidenced, making sure your research  is broad and deep enough and the correct use of specialist vocabulary. You  should carefully check the corrected work we send back to you to make sure it is what  you want to say.

This also includes CV corrections too.


Detailed or Quick Correction..

We can proof read in one of two ways:

  • A detailed correction includes correcting vocabulary and grammatical mistakes and rewriting sentences to make them sound more natural in English. By having a detailed correction you can be sure that the language will flow better and be close to native level.

  • A quick correction only includes vocabulary and grammatical mistakes. This is only possible if the original English is reasonably clear. There will be no mistakes, but the language of the corrected version may not flow very well in English.

Note: When sending your work please do not send it to James via WeChat. Instead please send it to:

Price per hour.. 

£30 GBP

250 RMB

If needed to be returned in less than 48 hours: 

Extra Charge

£10 GBP

99 RMB

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