In this course you will learn:  how to dramatically improve your vocabulary; how to compare and speculate about photographs;  how to express opinions; how to agree and disagree and how to reach a decision.

This course has 4 practice tests and each class lasts 1 hour and can be done online .


There are 4 parts of the advanced speaking test:

Part 1: Conversation between the candidates and the interlocutor.

Part 2: The interlocutor gives you three pictures and asks you to talk about two of them.

Part 3: Conversation with the other candidate. 

Part 4: Further discussion with the other candidate based on the topics or issues raised in the task in Part 3.

Cambridge Advanced English..

Practice test 1:

  • Part 1: (Interview) talking about studies and holidays

  • Part 2: (Long turn) learning a new skill and entertaining others

  • Part 3: (Collaborative task): talking about things that have become important to some people in todays world.

  • Part 4: (Further discussion) answering questions about people’s life.

Practice test 2: 

  • Part 1: (Interview) – talking about outdoor activities

  • Part 2: (Long turn) people waiting for something and talk about the relationship between the people and the animals is and how the people may be feeling

  • Part 3: (Collaborative task): about why people need to take precautions in these situations.

  • Part 4: (Further discussion) Why it’s important to always feel prepared in life

Practice test 3:

  • Part 1: (Interview) studying and learning English

  • Part 2: (Long turn) what different aspects of train travel they show, and how the people might be feeling.

  • Part 3: (Collaborative task): how these pictures show the role of computers nowadays.

  • Part 4: (Further discussion) what role do you think there will be for people who are not interested in technology?

Practice test 4

  • Part 1: (Interview) Leisure time = interests and leisure activities?

  • Part 2: (Long turn) comparing two of the pictures, and say why the people might have come together, and how important their relationship with each other might be and which of these people do you think rely on each other the most?

  • Part 3: (Collaborative task) imagine your school wants to organise an event to raise money for a new library.

  • Part 4: (Further discussion) How important do you think money is for a happy life? …… (Why? / Why not?)


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