Business English..

Level: Advanced

In this course you will learn how to communicate effectively in business situations and in the work place.

This course is for 12 hours in total and each lesson is 2 hours long.

This course can be taken face-to-face or online.

Lesson 1: Job Interviews

You will learn:

  • Suitable questions to ask at interviews

  • What you should wear and not wear

  • How to write a CV

  • How to write an effective covering letter

  • To understand customer service 

Lesson 2: Customer Service

You will learn:

  • More about customer service

  • About different types of customers

  • Why customer service is important

  • About customer service on the phone

Lesson 3: Telephone skills

You will be:

  • Using telephone phrases used in everyday life

  • Talking in informal and formal situations on the phone

  • Using telephone phrases in a business situation

  • Making calls and introducing yourself on the phone

Lesson 4: Telephone practice

You will:

  • Practise being polite and professional while taking phone calls, even with difficult customers.

  • Practise using informal and formal telephone phrasal verbs.

  • Improve your confidence whilst making and receiving calls.

Lesson 5: Working skills

You will learn how to:

  • Discuss time management, marketing and modern business techniques.

  • Talk about personal finance and financial trends.

  • Talk about colleagues, work routines and promotions.

  • Talk about your ideal job.

Lesson 6: What you want from work

You will learn how to:

  • Talk about homelessness and unemployment,

  • Describe and talk about work, careers and responsibilities,

  • Talk about working conditions,

  • Talk about work- related stress,

  • Analyse what success means to you.


If you are interested in this course and you wish to enquire about it, please fill out your details below and James will get back to you.


Learn English with James

Improve your English to invest in your future

Learn English with James

Improve your English to invest in your future
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